Why You Should be Using Orthopedic Supports

Posted by BotaniFlex Editorial Staff on 3/20/2019
Why You Should be Using Orthopedic Supports
The human body is an amazing piece of natural machinery. It is a symphony of finely-tuned connected points that allow us to move through space in almost any way we see fit and rarely breaks down when you consider how often it is used. But we sometimes push ourselves to the limits, and that is when an injury occurs. When we are injured there are many things that aid in recovery and help speed up the healing process, and orthopedic supports are among the most helpful. Kinesiologists and functional movement scientists study human movement and help design orthopedic supports to enable us to get back into the game more quickly. 

Knee and back braces are amongst the most common types of orthopedic supports out there so let’s take a look at how they can benefit us.

Back Braces 

Back braces are perhaps the most common braces worn and are used for a wide variety of back issues like a herniated disc, sprain/strain of muscles, tendons, ligaments surrounding the spinal column, degenerative disc disease, spondylitis, etc. These braces are typically inexpensive, especially when compared to a doctor or specialist visit. The braces help in occurrences of acute injury and are mainly employed with the goals of controlling pain and limiting movement. Limited movement decreases the risk for re-injury and allows the affected area to heal by taking pressure off of the soft tissue to move through the entire range of motion.

Knee Braces 

There are many types of knee braces on the market, and they range from simple and inexpensive to custom-fit space-aged materials that can cost into the thousands. Knee braces, like back braces, add extra support when walking, running, or participating in other sports, and some designs limit movement to avoid further injury. Additionally, knee braces often provide compression which keeps swelling down in the injured area and helps you avoid pain. Some are even woven with copper fibers that have been shown to reduce inflammation. 

Orthopedic supports are designed to help when you are injured and to help you avoid injury to areas where you are prone to it in your body. Take advantage of orthopedic supports as a natural, preventative, inexpensive way to keep yourself healthy and feeling good.

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